Where it all started: Genesis


Lest we never forget where we came from in the spectral timeline.

We as creators of this Genesis Block Artwork believe that processes are too
inefficient today,
we believe that the blockchain will play
an important role in optimizing these processes, so that we as a human
society can live in efficiency, peace and love.

That is why we have developed a series of 7 Genesis Artworks, which
should create awareness among people of which path we have traveled
as humanity, as well as which path we should take to achieve this
efficiency. So that we can all embrace the world and her beautiful
stereochemistry with a greater awareness. In order to be able to discover
the further building blocks in outer space within a short time.

The greatest revolution of mankind started with the Genesis-Block!

"We turn stumbling blocks, into stepping stones"

2021 Created by Chainwarriors